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Eavestrough Services & Repair

Do you have leaves and debris clogging up your eavestroughs? If so, we’ve got the solution for you!

Rod’s Best Cleaning provides eavestrough cleaning services to homeowners in your area. Our team of professionals will come to your house and clear out all that nasty stuff so that the water can flow through more easily.

You’ll avoid water damage to your home and save money on repairs while also making sure that rainwater gets where it needs to go instead of pooling up in places like gutters or downspouts—which could lead to flooding.

Plus, we do all this with a smile on our face because we love what we do. We want every customer to feel like they are getting the most value possible from their investment in our service.

Gutter Cleaning Happiness

Don't just take our word for it. Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

RBM Binnendyk
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Rod was awesome and I'm so glad my eaves troughs are clean again. He was able to get the job time in a very timely manner, his communication was excellent and I'm really glad my friend referred me to him. Now we don't have to worry about the water piling up and creating more problems! Thanks Rod
Helene Costa
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Wonderful experience with Rodny. Professional, friendly. Was on time ,did a wonderful job. It's my first time having to use a company to clean my eavestrough and gutters. And thanks to Rodny the experience was really positive. Thank you so much again for for work.

Benefits of our eavestrough Cleaning Services

In Kitchener, it is essential to have your eavestroughs cleaned out by professionals in both the fall and spring. As the leaves fall in the fall, they can clog up your eavestroughs and cause water damage to your home if not removed. Similarly, in the spring, melting snow and ice can also cause blockages in your eavestroughs.

Hiring professional gutter cleaning services in Kitchener is the best way to ensure that your eavestroughs are properly maintained and functioning correctly. Not only do they have the necessary equipment and expertise to safely and efficiently clear out your eavestroughs, but they also provide a thorough cleaning to ensure that your eavestroughs are completely free of debris.

By investing in professional Kitchener eavestrough services in the fall and spring, you can safeguard your home from water damage and prolong the life of your eavestroughs.

Some Of Our Gutter Cleaning Jobs

Undersides of Kitchener Eavestroughs before and after cleaning
Clean gutter on a Kitchener House
Gutters on a house in Kitchener before and after cleaning