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Waterloo Interior & Exterior Cleaning Services

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Waterloo Gutters in need of exterior cleaning

Rod’s Best Cleaning is well known around Waterloo for window cleaning, house cleaning, pressure washing and gutter cleaning. We have been cleaning houses in your neighbourhood for years and leaving a trail of satisfied customers behind us!

You’re busy and have a lot going on in life, not just work, but your home and family life as well. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of cleaning duties at home, and that is where we can help.

Our in-depth cleaning processes and expert staff are guaranteed to leave you happy with the final results – a cleaner home, and a happier family! 

Cleaning Services By Rod's Best Cleaning

At Rod’s Best Cleaning, we set the standard for top tier cleaning services in Waterloo and its surrounding areas. Our experienced cleaning professionals make great use of advanced equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning agents to meticulously eliminate dirt, dust, and grime from every nook and cranny of your home—both inside and out. Our comprehensive suite of services includes thorough interior house cleaning, crystal-clear window washing, high-pressure washing, and careful eavestrough cleaning. We pride ourselves on our flexibility to match your schedule and on crafting tailored cleaning strategies that perfectly align with your specific requirements. Ensuring your living space is sparkling clean, healthful, and inviting stands as our top priority. Reach out to us now to arrange your upcoming cleaning session.


At Rod’s Best Cleaning, we take care of your home’s interior with attention to detail. Our services span from deep cleaning bathrooms and kitchens to tidying up living spaces and cleaning interior windows. We’re experts at transforming cluttered and dusty areas into clean, orderly spaces. Our approach is thorough: we tackle hard-to-clean areas, leaving your home sanitized and inviting. Trust us to maintain the cleanliness of your home, offering you a peaceful and spotless environment.

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Exterior Cleaning Services

Our expertise doesn’t stop at your doorstep. Rod’s Best Cleaning also specializes in exterior maintenance, from gutter cleaning to ensure proper drainage to pressure washing that revitalizes your home’s exterior surfaces, including driveways and walkways. Our exterior window cleaning service leaves your windows clear and streak-free, enhancing your view and your home’s curb appeal. By maintaining the exterior of your home, we not only improve its appearance but also help protect it from the elements. Let us take care of the outside of your home, making it look its best.

Waterloo gutter after a cleaning service

Exterior Cleaning in Waterloo

Exterior cleaning services in Waterloo
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Cleaning Services We Provide In Waterloo & Surrounding Areas